A monthly event program exploring progressive, sustainable and ecologically intelligent solutions to the really hard problems.

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The GreenHouse Project kicks off April 2016, and continues on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month at the The Junction Cafe, Level 1 (the lower-ground floor), Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (Powerhouse Museum) (access is via Macarthur St off Harris St), adjacent to The Goods Line.

Engage with some thought-provoking talks and panel discussions, catch up with old friends, meet new allies, forge opportunities, share ideas, hone skills and grow. All while enjoying an organic, locally-foraged drink care of the Trolley'd boys and delicious sustainable fare thanks to Create Catering, in the grounds of an iconic Sydney institution.


Tuesday 6th September 6-9pm

FUTURE CITIES: Designing Sustainable Sydney

Climate change will make its mark on our cities, and in more ways than you would suspect. Design approaches to architecture, urban planning and engineering are on the frontline of how we might adapt our cities, landscapes and infrastructure to anthropocentric climate change.


Join us for a design-themed evening, part of Sydney Design Festival, as our speaker panel delves into the principles of climate adaptation for architecture and Sydney-centric infrastructure and precinct design.

  • Hudson Worsley (Presync / City of Sydney ) [TBC] - "Adapting for Climate Change - A long-term strategy for Sydney".
  • Andrew Thai (Frasers Property) - "Adaptation Design Principles in Architecture".
  • Jan Golembiewski (UTS / Psychological Design) - "Urban Density and Greenspace".
  • Lisa Mclean (Flow Systems) [TBC] - "Designing Precincts and the future of Utilities".

  • Tina Perinotto (The Fifth Estate) - MC and panel moderator.

Live Music


Doors open at 6pm.

Live Music from 6pm. Talks and panel from 7pm.

The evening will begin with an hour of mingling and networking, during this time you will able to enjoy some live music by local sydney artist & performer Matt Clarke.

At 7pm the talks programme will begin with a series of 'lightning talks', one from each of our speaking guests, you will then be envited to join the speakers in Q∧A style panel discussion. The talks and panel runs for aproximatley 1hr.

Food and drink will be available from the bar, from 6pm to 8.45pm.


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Early bird tickets available now (until a week before the event).

$5 Students and Unwaged, $10 Earlybird, $15 Standard entry, $20 on the Door.

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Tuesday 16th August 6-9pm

Save the planet? There’s an app for that!

Digital disruption is transforming the global economy - and now it's starting to shake up the marketplace for environmental solution products and greener lifestyles.

This month's Greenhouse is exploring the role that our fast-evolving digital future will play in saving the planet.

Themes & Speakers:

  • Is digital technology the key to a clean energy future?
  • Can ‘smart’ cities transform everything we think we know about sustainability?
  • Digital technology places infinite information at our fingertips - but is increased knowledge necessarily translating into action when it comes to the environment?
Pitches & Music
  • 'mini pitches' from sustainability-minded tech start-ups and app developers.
  • and Live Music, from local classical pianist Matthew Clarke. TBC.

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Tuesday 19th July 6-9pm

How we can make urban living better?

New technologies, new design and new thinking hold the keys to the cities of the future. Cities transformed to be smarter, greener ... better!

Join us at The GreenHouse to hear from some of the visionaries who are shaping our 'Future Cities' with their ideas, insights and innovations.

Speakers & Guests:

  • Share instead of own - Will Davies, the co-founder of peer-to-peer vehicle sharing scale-up company Car Next Door
  • Creating a 'Thing's Network' - smart cities guru Catherine Caruana-McManus explores open-access, low-cost IoT networks
  • Revitalising business precincts - inner-city newspaper publisher and local business champion Lawrence Gibbons
  • Greening the neighbourhood - 202020 green open space campaigner Jess Miller

+ 3 great solution ideas - the best of the best - from 250 students in UTS' prestigious Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation course and their 'Problems to Possibilities' winter school project focused on the Ultimo-Pyrmont local economy.

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Tuesday 21st June 6-9pm

Why does Oz politics keep failing the environment?

Australians go to the polls on July 2nd in a rare double dissolution national election. Every one of 226 political jobs across both Houses of Parliament is up for grabs. Whoever wins, the outcome is critical for how climate change features on the nation’s policy agenda to 2030 and beyond.

On Tuesday the 21st of June, just 11 nights out from the big vote, The Greenhouseis exploring the biggest election issue of all – Australia’s political response to the global climate crisis. What choices will we (and the government that we elect) make about reducing our carbon emissions, expanding our clean energy production and adapting our communities to a warming world?

Join our speaker panel of politically engaged experts as we critically examine a decade of turbulent policy, public debate and tentative hope for the future. In order to keep discussion relatively non-partisan, this event will not feature any current politicians pleading for your vote.

Speakers & Guests: (to be finalised)

Musical Performance:
  • TBC - curated by students from Newtown School for Performing Arts

Program Overview

Lightning Talks – Aussie Climate Policy 101

Join our four top commentators as we set the scene for discussion with a four-part crash course in Australian climate policy:

  1. What has happened over the past ten years?
  2. Where are we now?
  3. What is the rest of the world up to?
  4. How is the Australian community responding?

Expect plain language and clear explanations that will bring you up to speed on the most important electoral issue of 2016.

Panel Discussion and Q&A

Join our speakers for a panel discussion as we unpack the power and politics of climate.

  • From business to the media to civil society to the entrenched political establishment, what are the different interests in play here?
  • What’s going on with this whole culture war thing and why is climate such a partisan issue in Australia?
  • Has the environment movement failed to set the agenda?
  • And most importantly, how can Australia shift to significant climate action for the next decade and cast aside the lost years of the past one?
60 Second Soap Box

Hear snapshots from some of the organisations working for progressive change on the climate.

More on our Speakers

  • Murray Hogarth Murray is Senior Advisor to Total Environment Centre public programs and author of The 3rd Degree: Frontline in Australia’s Climate War. He was previously environment editor for the Sydney Morning Herald and reporter for Four Corners and the Canberra press gallery

    Murray will begin the evening with a rapid recap of the highs and lows of Australian climate policy over the past decade from the hopeful bipartisanship of 2007, through the rise and fall of the ‘carbon tax’, to the now heavily contested political battleground of climate and energy.

  • John ConnorJohn is CEO of the Climate Institute, a Sydney-based policy think-tank established in 2005 to encourage progressive policies for managing climate change in Australia.

    John will explain what is on offer from the major parties on climate change this election - an update on who’s promising what, by when, and how they plan to get there. If you are unsure of what direct action is or how an emissions trading scheme works then you need to hear this.

  • Miriam Lyons Miriam is an Australian policy analyst, writer and commentator, currently working as a Senior Campaigner for GetUp! She was previously the founding Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Development.

    From California to Germany, Scotland to New Zealand, Miriam will look at how other globally significant economies have done much better than Australia on climate policy. How were these successes achieved and what can we learn from them?

  • Claire O’RourkeClaire is National Director of Solar Citizens, an independent community-based organisation working to protect and grow solar in Australia and give a political voice to millions of solar owners and supporters.

    Claire will explain how community support for climate leadership, combined with mass uptake of clean energy technologies, has become a significant force in shaping Australia’s environment policy, for the 2016 election and beyond.

How you vote is up to you. But engage and get better informed at VOTE 1 The Climate

SHARE YOUR ELECTION POSITION: Election candidates, political parties, industry lobbies and community groups are invited to attend as paying guests and participate in the general Q&A, network with other attendees, and provide relevant promotional materials on the ‘open table’ provided. You will not be allowed a speaker or panel role, and you should take any undistributed materials with you when you leave.

CLIMATE DENIERS NEED NOT APPLY: Please don’t come to this forum expecting to debate or refute the science of climate change, or to challenge the need for decisive policy action to end the fossil fuel era. It’s just not that kind of crowd!

Responsibility for election comment in this communication and for the event is accepted by A. Tovey, B. Ward and M. Hogarth, Sydney.

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The Future of Food

Tuesday 3rd May 6-9pm

Meat-eating vs. Vegetarianism

For the May edition of The Greenhouse Project, we're delving into the divisive question of diet, climate and food by asking...

When it comes to people and the environment, is "meat eating vs. vegetarianism" still the right question?

Each of our panellists has a stake in the food game and brings a fresh perspective on a complicated issue.

Speakers & Guests: (still to be finalised)

Panel moderator
Musical Performance:
  • Luke Barnier – singer-songwriter, street performer and actor, will be providing a musical soundtrack to the evening.

Expect a conversation that explores the intersection of local food production, environmental footprints, land use, permaculture, organic farming and food technology. With a seasoning of societal trends and behaviour change. All while enjoying an after-work drink and sustainable fare.

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The Greenhouse Launch

Shoreline Frontline

Tuesday 5th April 6-9pm

Can we make the ‘oceans & us’ relationship sustainable?

Sydney is defined in the eyes of its people and globally by spectacular ocean beaches and waterways. Our magnificent, but vulnerable shorelines put us on the frontline of some of the world’s most confronting environmental challenges:

  • Rising sea levels
  • Ocean acidification
  • Toxic marine pollution
  • Shark conservation or culling
  • Making seafood sustainable

While the challenges are global, often the causes and solutions can be local – so what we do can make a difference!

Speakers & Guests:

The Greenhouse is bringing together top campaigners to confront our marine challenges, and to explore what needs to be done on the Shoreline Frontline.

MC & Panel Moderator:
  • Laura Wells - Model, environmental scientist and passionate oceans champion
  • Dave West – Boomerang Alliance, leading a national campaign for container deposit laws and other policy changes to keep plastic waste out of the oceans
  • John Corkill OAM – Australian Coastal Society NSW spokesman, International Environmental Laureate, former Oceanwatch chairman, and coastal policy and law reform negotiator
  • Fiona McCuaig - Sydney marine campaigner with the Australian Marine Conservation Society and formerly with Sea Shepherd
  • Dr Katherine Dafforn - Marine ecologist and science communicator at UNSW, and Sydney Institute of Marine Science's Sydney Harbour Research Program.
Special 'Guest':
  • The Ocean Action Pod – Take a sneak peak at the innovative, purpose-built mobile ‘action pod’ set to tour major coastal communities to highlight the marine plastics pollution crisis
Musical Performance:
  • Shyan Tonga – singer-songwriter, street performer and actor, will be providing a musical soundtrack to the evening.

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