A monthly event program exploring progressive, sustainable and ecologically intelligent solutions to the really hard problems.

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After a successful 2016 and 2017 program
The Greenhouse is back.

This year WWF Australia and Greenups are teaming up agian on another fascinating event series exploring the role emerging technology can play to help solve some of our biggest environmental and social challenges.

The Greenhouse 2018 season

The Greenhouse 2018 - Launch Session flyer
1. Future So Far:
18 September 2018
We are destroying the planet, is it time we turn decision-making over to robots?
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2. Future of Food:
16 October 2018
Will the family meal be insects and two vegetables in the future?

3. Future of Waste:
20 November 2018
Will we have a world without rubbish in the future?

4. Future of Power:
22 January 2019
Will our homes run themselves in the future?

5. Future of Mobility:
19 February 2019
Will our children ever learn to drive?

6. Future of Us:
19 March 2019
Have we done enough to save the planet?

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We are living through a period of rapid development and witnessing exciting changes in emerging technologies which are redefining how we live, work and play. But global megatrends like climate disruption, resource scarcity, rapid extinction, massive urbanisation and inequality are threatening to derail a potentially bright future. As emerging technologies become mainstream, industries and businesses are reorganising to avoid disruption, the lines between for- and non-profit are blurring, and trust is being lost in traditionally powerful institutions.

How can technology be channelled to help solve some of the big problems we face today?

How can environment organisations and NGOs think more like technology companies - who innovate fast and take risks with high reward?

And how can tech companies think more like NGOs, who approach problem-solving through strategy, science and rigour? Where are the opportunities for us to collaborate?

We need to try new things, take risks, experiment with innovative approaches to how we solve problems. And break out of our silos and collaborate with unlikely allies.

This event series is designed to help think through some of these opportunities based on different challenges we face, and hopefully, form new alliances between some hitherto disconnected communities.

The event series will facilitate wide-ranging panel discussions, along with audience participation. We will launch with an exploration of current exciting trends in technology and explore the intersection between tech and sustainability.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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We're looking for businesses and organisations who are wholly aligned with our communities core values of sustainability, environmental and ecological awareness. Alongside this, we're focussed on building respect, equal-opportunity, innovation, design-thinking and collaboration.

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